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Traumatic life experiences happen. And it’s especially difficult when the traumatic life experience involves a spouse or life partner. There can be a loss of emotional bonding and closeness. There can be extreme feelings of betrayal. Some people experience betrayal when they suddenly and unexpectedly learn new things about their spouse or life partner. In all such cases, there can be feelings of confusion and feelings of being overwhelmed, along with feelings of anxiety, panic, distress, confusion, sadness, depression, and anger. People often wonder if it is even possible to work through their difficult life situation, not knowing if they currently know all of the facts regarding their traumatic experience. In addition, people often wonder if the pain will ever stop and whether or not they’ll ever be able to trust again. 

The good news is that their is help available for those who need it. I have 25 years of experience in successfully helping couples work through the complex crisis situations. You can visit the following page to see my areas of counseling & therapy specialization [Learn More]. Also, you can visit the following page to see my professional credentials [Learn More].

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