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Individual Therapy

Whatever your need, it’s always helpful to work on being a better you! Individual counseling & therapy is designed just for that purpose. Discover your purpose! Define and achieve your life goals! Enhance existing or develop new coping skills. Gain greater capacities for intimacy! Whatever your need, let’s talk about ways in which individual counseling or therapy might benefit you! Contact me today!

Couples Therapy

Sometimes, relational difficulties just happen! Maybe you are just having trouble communicating. Or, maybe your relationship has eroded to the point where it’s no longer satisfying. Maybe your are empty-nesters for the first time and you can’t figure out how to cope! Or, maybe you just found out your spouse is gay or transgender and you don’t know what to do! Or, maybe you just want to discover greater intimacy! Whatever your need, let me help! Contact me today!

Family Therapy

Being a family is the most rewarding thing. It can also be the most difficult thing. Sometimes, families fail to adapt as children get older. In some situations, family members fail to communicate successfully. Sometimes there are parenting problems. At other times, there are simply relational difficulties and tensions among family members. Whatever you are facing, let me bring my training and experience to your aid. Contact me today!

Hello! I’m Roy!

Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

As a licensed counselor and therapist and as a certified professional clinician in my specialty areas, I would like to offer my services to you. One of my great passions in life is to help individuals, couples, and families improve their quality of life both personally, and relationally. I have 25 years of experience in working with complex issues in both inpatient (residential) and outpatient (non-residential) contexts. Please allow me to use my education, training and experience in exploring how I might help you pursue and achieve your life and relationship goals. If you need help, contact me today!

My Areas of Expertise 

Couple - Relationship Issues

Has the quality of relationship between you and your spouse or life-partner decreased? Are you wondering whether or not it can be improved? Your couple relationship is one of the most important things in life. Restore the intimacy and quality of relationship you once had! Let me help. Contact me today!


Have you been betrayed by someone you love? Has your spouse or life-partner cheated? Do you need help and guidance in figuring out what to do? Experiences of betrayal by your most trusted other can be one of the hardest life challenges you will ever fact. Don’t do it alone! And, don’t wait another minute! Let me help! Contact me today!

Sexual Health & Intimacy

Having a significant romantic couple relationship is one of the most important things in life. Increasing your capacities for intimacy while improving your communication and relationship skills can stregthen your emotional bond and greatly impact the quality of relationship you experience together. Improving your sex life together can make it even beter. Let me help! Contact me today!

LGBTQIA Concerns

Are you or someone you love being impacted by being LGBTQIA? Are you wondering if you should come-out? Are you experiencing difficulty after coming-out? Has someone you love come-out? Are you experiencing specific difficulties related to being LGBTQIA? Do you have questions about being transgender? Let me help! Contact me today!

Sex Addiction

Are you concerned that you or someone you love has a sexual addiction or is demonstrating out-of-control sexual behaviors? Don’t let such concerns destroy your life and relationships. If you are expriencing a difficulty concerning sexuality, let me help you with an appropriate assessment, followed by an evaluation so that we can develop a plan to help you discover a path to sexual health. Don’t let sex ruin your life. Rather, let sex enhance your life! Contact me today!

Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Drug (or substances), alcohol, internet, gaming, gambling, and work addiction can destroy your life, your relationships, your finances, and your career. Literally, these addictions can destroy everything important in life. If you are experiencing difficulties in one of these areas, let’s do the appropriate assessments, evaluate your situation, and develop a plan for health and well-being. Contact me today!

Healing From Trauma

Physical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual abuse can be profoundly impacting to a person. Such absues can have debilitating symptoms along with a lifelong impact. If you are experiencing life difficulties related to past trauma, let me help you! As a skilled professional using trauma informed EMDR and ego-state therapy, I can help you heal and move past your trauma related symptoms. Don’t wait another day! Contact me and let’s discuss how to start your healing process!

Professional Clinical Supervision

I would be honored if you allowed me the opportunity to use my 25 years of clinical experience  in helping you with your licensure or certification supervision needs.  If you are a candidate for becoming a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) with IITAP, I can help you. Also, if you are in the State of Georgia, I can help you in your pursuit of becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Contact me today and let’s talk about your neees!

My Modes of Counseling & Therapy

Individual Counseling

In individual counseling, we can work together either in my office or, depending on your particular needs, over the internet. Don’t let your life situation get you down! If you have questions about individual counseling, reach out to me today!

Couple Counseling

The purpose of couples counseling is to help you work through problems you are encountering in your couple relationship. Whether alone, or with your spouse/partner, learn how to improve your relationship situation. Contact me today!

Family Counseling

The purpose of family counseling is to discover and repair/heal the relational barriers and difficulties that are eroding family unity and intimacy. Family should be your safe haven! Involve each family member in learning how to improve the quality of family relationships. Let me help!

Group Counseling

Often times, peers working together on common life problems, when facilitated by a professional skilled group leader, can be life changing. Check the events tab on my resources menu to see what groups I am currently offering that might be helpful.

My Mediums of Service Delivery

In My Office

My office is a secure, private, and comfortable location where we can work to  improve your life situation. Contact me today and let’s schedule a time for us to explore how I can be helpful to you!

Via Secure Video & Telephone

If you are not able to get to my office, I can work with you over the internet via my secure HIPAA compliant video conferencing software. It’s the next best thing to being together in person! Contact me today to learn more about it.

If you are experiencing personal and/or relational difficulties in life, there is help available! Why not contact me today and let’s schedule a time for your free 20 minute consultation to see if together, we think my expertise and skills can be helpful to you? Get the help you need! Live your best life now!

You can also check out my profile on Psychology Today‘s website!

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My Approach

I like to first chat with new clients over the phone. That gives me a chance to understand their particular need. And, it gives them a chance to get to know me better. During that chat, I like to schedule a time for a first appointment. Prior to that first appointment, I ask new clients to complete the pre-engagement paper work for me. Doing that prior to the first appointment saves you money. During the first appointment, I do my best to understand your situation, make any diagnosis (if applicable), work with you to develop goals for what you’d like to accomplish with my help, and decide what further assessment might be helpful in helping you to achieve your goals in counseling or therapy. It is also during this first appointment that you would get some idea of the cost of working with me. Armed with treatment goals and cost estimates, you will be prepared to decide if you want to make an investment – in your self, your marriage or partner relationship, or your family – in efforts to reach your desired life goals. I hope you will reach out and contact me today! 


"I have had extensive counseling and psychology therapy from Roy. He has training, credentials, and "real world" life experience. A breadth of knowledge and wisdom comes through in every session. This, plus his kindness and compassion, has been really key in my self-growth. I have been to several therapists but Roy has been by far the most helpful, and has really been a game-changer. I highly recommend him."


"I am honored to testify to the effectiveness of Roy Blankenship's practice. This man has changed my life and brought healing to my family through his work. Roy is highly qualified and he is a gifted and passionate therapist. I encourage you to trust Roy and the Center for Authentic Life & Relationship, LLC with your life concerns."


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