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On February 17, 2019, Pastor Ray Waters at the Village Church in Atlanta interviewed me. We discussed my life history regarding being a Christian gay man, including my coming-out experience. Although brief, it gives an overview of how I new I was different at age 10, repressed my sexual orientation, married Nancy and lived successfully in a mixed orientation marriage for 35 years, and then came-out as a gay man after her death in early 2017. I hope that my transparancy will be helpful to others who are trying to navigate their own difficult journey in life.


Profound Aloneness

In my early ministry at First Baptist and career as a mental health professional, I promoted mixed orientation marriage and celibacy as the two options for a gay Christian. I didn’t realize at the time that my loyalty to conservative evangelical theological...

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Concerning Gay Christians & Marriage

Concerning Gay Christians & Marriage

Recently, someone I care a lot about told me, "I'll take you to task on that! Just go back to the beginning in Genesis Chapter 2.". Their comment was in response to my statement: "There is a Christian theology of human sexuality that includes a love (not lust) based...

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Love & The Body of Christ

The church is “the Body of Christ”. I love Jesus, and I love His church. I have spent most of my adult life as a member of the Body of Christ, serving people who make up “the Body of Christ”, while also ministering to those who do not yet know Jesus. Based on some...

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