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Book Resources - Theology & Scripture

Theological resources that helped me deconstruct my conservative evangelical mind without disgarding, compromising, or twisting Scripture. Everyone will not agree with these authors. However, these authors present their arguments in scholarly fashion. In addition, these authors positions are both plausible and defendable. There are many theological positions such as this in the church where ther are two opposing sides that both have a plausible and defendable point of view. Don’t let disagreement, intimidation, and emotional reactions from robbing you of the chance to hear these authors out. They are worth your read and the time it takes for you to consider their points of view.  Click Here!

Blog Posts - My Personal Life Chronicles

These blogs are my attempt to be transparent and vulnerable for those who desire to follow my personal life journey as it relates to being a gay man with a Southern Baptist heritage, and my transition from public leadership in a conservative evangelical context to a more private authentic life. Click here.

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Podcasts - It's the Story That Matters

In this podcast series, you will hear John J. Smid and I co-host recordings of interviews with former Ex-Gay leaders and others who have been adversely impacted by religious doctrine. John and I hope to share how sometimes well-intentioned religious leaders (which John and I once both were) can lose the most important things – people, relationships, and a shared life journey – because of division rooted in religious dogma. Passion about religious dogma can overpower passion about human souls. When religious dogma wins, human souls are often lost. I hope you will benefit from our candid discussions. Click Here.

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This link will take you to a listing of all podcasts that have been released. Please note this is a new process I am starting, with podcasts in several different contexts. There will be more information about these podcasts as 2019 unfolds. Click Here!

About the Center for Authentic Life & Relationship, LLC

The organization I formed to offer private practice services in my specialty areas is called the Center for Authentic Life & Relationship, LLC. Learn more about the Center for Authentic Life & Relationship, LLC by clicking here.

Getting Started As A New Client

If you’ve made your first appointment, find everything here you need to get ready. Information on this page will help you avoid frustration, save time, and save money by having paper work completed before it’s time for you counseling/therapy appointment. Get these forms completed so that your time can be spent with me on working collaboratively to help with your life situation.  Click Here!

Finding The Right Therapist

Let me share my thoughts with you on how to go about making sure you are finding the right professional to help you with your life situation. To learn more, click here!

About Me

Let me share with you some of the important information you need to know about me: who I am, what I do, and why I do it. This information will hopefully help you to start to know more about me as a person and as a professional clinician. Click here!

More About Me

Let me share more things about me with you, such as my professional credentials, the associations I belong to, and such. Click here!

Office Locations

Look here to find out more about my office locations. Click Here!

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