Recommended Books – On Scripture & Theology

Over the course of many years, since my late 40’s, I have read many books concerning homosexuality and the Bible. You can read under the “personal chronicles” category in my blogs and read more about how this process intensified for me in 2017. The following resources are the best I have found. They are scholarly, academically sound, and written by Christian people who love Jesus. You may not agree with these authors, but their arguments and the information they present cannot just be dismissed.

This was the first book I read that for the first time, I didn’t feel as if the author either compromised or twisted the Holy Scriptures in an effort to make the Scriptures say what he needed them to say. In other words, the theological position presented in this book is sound. Many will disagree with it simply because their mind cannot tolerate the idea of a Christian person being gay. Their mind cannot tolerate the idea that a gay person can be saved and acceptable to God. In such situations, no theological presentation will suffice. For those who have a same-sex orientation, or a loved one who does, I recommend this resource highly. I think Matthew Vines work will become a classic in Christian theological writings.

Colby Martin’s writing is exceptional. Concerning the 7 Bible verses that are used to condemn same-sex romantic love across the board, this author does an incredible job of helping us see these verses in a new light. In addition, Colby Martin shares his personal experience of working as a minister in church congregations that exclude people – even ones who are already saved – based on their sexual orientation. I cannot recommend the book highly enough. Again, you may disagree with his conclusions, however, his arguments and scholarly work have intellectual credibility. They cannot just be dismissed because of disagreement.

David Gushee is a world renowned Biblical ethicist. You will benefit greatly by working through this book, considering the information he provides.

Chapter 8, by Dale B. Martin, is the most exhaustive work I have seen concerning the interpretation of meaning for the Greek words Arsenokoites and Malakos. Including cultural, historical, linguistic, and Biblical consideration, Dale Martin does an incredible job of helping us gain insights about what these words meant when the original Holy Scripture was written and how those words should be interpreted today.

Ok, you just have to read this book! If you truly want to gain an understanding concerning how the english word homosexual ended up in the Holy Scriptures, you have to read this book. If you truly want to consider whether or not the word homosexual, chosen by Bible translators, actually captures the intent of the words arsenokoites and malakos in the original text of the Holy Scriptures, then you have to read this book! There comes a point where one has to conclude that maybe, the Bible was translated based on the sexual ideology of the time period in which the translation was made, along with the bias of the translators. Working through this writing will bring you to that place.

This is another good resource on working through your deconstruction process related to how you have been taught to view marriage. Again, everyone won’t agree with this author. However, it is a scholarly work that treats the Bible with respect.

A must read if you haven’t come-out, if you are thinking about coming-out, if you know someone who has come-out, or if you would just like to understand more about what it’s like for an LGBTQIA person when they desire to be and then try to be authentic with people they love.

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