I have a comfortable office in a private setting. After your initial paper work has been completed, you simply make yourself at home, relax, and dialog with me about what has motivated you to seek counseling or therapy services. 

During our dialog, I may decide to offer you the opportunity to complete some assessment instruments that will help bring objectivity and clarity to the treatment options I present to you.

In addition, we will work together to articulate your goals in engaging me as a professional clinical service provider. In other words, we will write down exactly what you hope to accomplish in counseling or therapy.  These goals will become the basis of your formal treatment plan.

Once your treatment plan is completed, we will begin work to reach your goals. Periodically, we will evaluate whether or not you feel we are making progress in achieving your goals and make adjustments accordingly. 

Counseling and therapy should be a fruitful and rewarding engagement for you.

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